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Taste on västsverige

Tasty food on Sju Sjöar

Our Kitchen

Food is important. It creates an atmosphere, pleasant meetings and wonderful memories. The food should taste good, be beautiful and it should give you energy to experience a long working day, a wonderful party or a wonderful day in the forest…

Mattias har ett stort personligt engagemang och han skapar underbara rätter omsorgsfullt tillagade från grunden med noggrant utvalda råvaror. Vi jobbar mycket med närproducerat och vårt kök är en del av SMAKA PÅ VÄSTSVERIGE. 

We use KRAV-labeled and environmentally friendly products as far as possible.

Should you want a good wine with the food or an avec afterwards, we are happy to serve this.

Surely it is the case that in order for the conference to be perfect, the food must taste wonderful?
And what would a wedding or a big party be without the good food?
Who does not long for breakfast already when you go to bed?

We are proud of our fantastic kitchen.

A warm welcome to the dining room!

Taste on västsverige

We are certified by "Taste on Västsverige". The label is your guarantee that you as a guest and consumer get the best possible raw materials, produced and processed in western Sweden.